Hi! Welcome to my portfolio. I am a commercial photostylist and hair and makeup artist in Denver, Colorado, but I also travel all over the state and country and world. 

My first styling job came about when I was 16 years old! My graphic designer father hired me to set up a scene in the desert of beautiful Native American pottery. He could tell at that young age how maticulous I was already. I had to make sure the pottery stood straight (not an easy task on the rocks) and I "styled" the dried grass around it. I will always be thankful for that first styling gig and I've been working in the photography industry in one way or another ever since. Now, here I am, years later, still loving a life of working on-set. 

I hope you enjoy looking through my portfolio. It is a collection of work I have done over the last 10 years here in Denver, Colorado and the surrounding Front Range and the entire state. Please go here to contact me about availability and rates.

Lauren rennells

PhotoStylist, Hair, Makeup